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ProudLiving Companies is a vertically integrated owner and manager of multifamily and mixed-use real estate in New Jersey.

Our company focuses on acquiring value real estate assets and enhancing them through renovation, management and attracting qualified tenants. Our wholly-owned subsidiaries are responsible for performing all renovations and enhancements, while delivering strong ongoing management. 

ProudLiving has owned and managed over 1,500 apartment units since our founding in 2008. We specialize in revitalizing previously neglected real estate assets. 

Our company operates in cities undergoing revitalization and we aim to be a partner with the communities in which we operate.

We are currently seeking to expand our markets and scale this business model for exponential growth.


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ProudLiving Capital is dedicated to empowering growth and prosperity through strategic capital investment in real estate. Committed to transparency, integrity, and investor satisfaction, we diligently raise funds from both individual and institutional investors to fuel the expansion and elevate the valuation of ProudLiving Companies’ distinguished real estate portfolio.Our mission is to deliver exceptional value, foster sustainable development, and cultivate enduring partnerships that contribute to the success and well-being of our investors, our company, and the communities we serve.

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Purchasing properties in various stages of neglect is a core focus of our value-add real estate strategy. ProudLiving Construction manages and executes a wide array of infrastructure upgrades, common area improvements, and apartment renovations.

A licensed construction company in New Jersey, our hands-on approach is crucial to ensuring we achieve quality, timely and cost-effective execution across all of our projects. Having renovated 400+ apartment units, including gut renovations, upgrades and ongoing maintenance, we pride ourselves on revitalizing the real estate assets we purchase, with a long-term focus in mind.

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The past decade has seen New York City become a luxury product, with the most expensive apartments approaching $10,000 per square foot, a previously incomprehensible price point. These dramatic increases in property prices similarly impact rentals, making New York City living a far more challenging reality for most people. The rise of markets such as Hoboken, Brooklyn Heights, and Harlem, have been similarly spectacular.

There are no marginal parts of Manhattan any longer, and high-end surrounding markets like Hoboken and many parts of Brooklyn have rents, and properties, comparable to New York City. Secondary markets in Brooklyn have been on the rise in the past few years, as well as Long Island City in Queens, and incredible growth in Flushing, Queens.

The New Jersey real estate markets, in which ProudLiving operates, are experiencing many of the early growth signs seen in these previously underdeveloped areas.

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A strong community of tenants is core to being able to deliver a quality housing experience. ProudLiving Companies places all of its tenants into its properties through its wholly-owned subsidiary, ProudLiving Realty. Our onsite property managers seek to develop substantive relationships with all of our tenants, and we ensure that everyone is able to enjoy their living environment to the utmost.

ProudLiving Realty’s Rent-To-Own Program is available to qualifying tenants. If interested, a significant portion of the rent paid by a given tenant can be accumulated towards a down payment to be used towards the purchase of a single to 4-family home. Assisting our tenants on the path to home ownership is something we are proud to offer, when appropriate. Working with our tenants, we can counsel them on the requirements of becoming a landlord, assist with the ongoing management of the property, and help them own their first home rather than merely paying rent.


ProudLiving purchases properties throughout New Jersey, with a particular focus on East Orange, Montclair, Bloomfield, Newark, Irvington and the surrounding markets. Some of the dynamics in these markets are:
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ProudLiving Foundation is focused on developing strong ties with the communities in which ProudLiving operates. Distinctly different than traditional absentee landlords, ProudLiving Companies is committed to being a part of its communities. From giving away turkeys on Thanksgiving to those families in need to our scholarship with Bloomfield College, the ProudLiving Foundation is always looking to expand its efforts. The Foundation’s contributions are focused on education, children and the elderly, and include such organizations as Meals on Wheels and The Grayson School.


The ProudLiving Pay-It-Forward annual scholarship with Bloomfield College is awarded to full-time, undergraduate students based on financial need and academic merit. Qualifying students will also have a minimum of 100 hours of past community service, and will have submitted an essay on how the scholarship will be paid forward by them in the future.


Few holidays bring the joyous feelings of Thanksgiving, so contributing turkeys to members of the communities in which we own and manage properties is a true labor of love for the ProudLiving Foundation.

Contributing 100s of turkeys each year, please feel free to contact us if you know anyone whom you believe could use a bit of help providing for their Thanksgiving meal this year.


ProudLiving Foundation welcomes your suggestions on worthy causes in line with our overall mission. Please tell us a bit about you’re a charitable initiative that you’d like our involvement in, and we will strongly consider whether it fits our parameters and financial wherewithal.